Welcome to WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM, the portal belonging to DRIMTRACKS SAS, which has been created so that you have access to a platform where you can view different tracks and acquire different licenses to use them in your different projects, both personal and academic or professionals. In this portal, you will also find the possibility of requesting the creation of original tracks for your projects, having the possibility of obtaining exclusive rights or only obtaining authorization to use a track created tailored to your needs.

Initial terms

WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM may be presented as a web portal, mobile application or another type of application for the provision of services (all hereinafter the “Platform”).

The terms “You”, “User”, “your” or “their”, refer in property to the person who accesses the Platform and / or uses its services, with which the agreement contained in these Terms is understood to have been concluded and General Conditions of Use of the Platform (hereinafter the “General Terms”). By accessing the Platform and / or using its services offered on it, you are accepting without any reservation and are bound by these General Terms, which constitute a legal and binding agreement. The General Terms describe your rights and obligations within the Platform regarding the use of the different services or products offered within the web portal (hereinafter the “Services” or the “Products”, indistinctly).

If you are a natural person, you declare to be of legal age and have full capacity to be bound, otherwise you will not be able to access the Platform, unless the person who has custody of you accompanies you and binds on your behalf. You acknowledge, understand and accept that WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM may modify these General Terms at any time and that you will be understood to be notified of said modifications and updates at the time of publication of the new General Terms on the Platform. The new General Terms will apply from the moment they are published, so we recommend that you constantly review these General Terms. For your ease of review and identification of updates, the General Terms include at the top the last update date. Your continued use of the Services or your access to the Platform will constitute acceptance of the new General Terms.

If you require additional information or have any questions about the Services or the Platform, you can contact us at the following email: INFO@DRIMTRACKS.COM.

If you do not fully or partially agree with the General Terms, you are not authorized to access the Platform and must refrain from using its Services or Products.

Products offered

The WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM platform has been created to provide you with the possibility of knowing and acquiring authorizations for the use of a variety of tracks that you can use in your personal, academic or professional projects, once you have acquired the corresponding license of use to your needs.

To know the licenses available on this Platform, go to the Licenses link. Information on the authorizations for use available for each track may also be displayed on different sides of the website, to facilitate consultation. If you have any questions regarding the scope of these licenses or if you require a particular use that is not contemplated in these licenses, you can communicate the e-mail INFO@DRIMTRACKS.COM

These general terms apply to WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM, and other sites related to WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM, including the collection of data outside the website for those Services or for the granting of track authorizations. Registered users to our page for the acquisition of authorizations are “Members” and non-registered users are “Visitors”. This Agreement applies to both Members and Visitors.


With the Platform, WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM intends to provide the User with a digital space of information on tracks that allows them to have a wide offer that can satisfy their needs and have access to tracks with accessible values ​​and adjusted to the needs of each project. DRIMTRACKS SAS reserves the right to investigate conduct that is contrary to the General Terms and to take the necessary actions, including but not limited to, restricting access or suspending or deleting the User’s account. You declare and acknowledge that by entering the Platform, using the Services or acquiring the license of a track, no employment or dependency relationship, association, joint venture, representation, mandate, commercial agency, franchise, participation accounts or no type of relationship between you and DRIMTRACKS SAS, other than that of a beneficiary of the Services or Products offered by WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM, in accordance with these General Terms.

As a User, you agree not to carry out any conduct or action that has the potential to mislead another User about a possible link, association, representation or endorsement by DRIMTRACKS SAS. DRIMTRACKS SAS will have the power to remove from the Platform any publication, notice or comments that violate legal provisions or is contrary to the General Terms, even without the need for prior notice.

For technical reasons, DRIMTRACKS SAS does not guarantee the permanent availability, access and 100% operation of the Platform, so you accept and acknowledge that this Platform could present some faults and you exempt DRIMTRACKS SAS from any responsibility for any fault in the operation, access or availability of the Platform.

However, DRIMTRACKS SAS will endeavor to maintain the availability and operation of the Platform for as long as possible. You acknowledge and accept that the Platform and / or its Services may present brief suspensions or interruptions, due to maintenance, updates or reasons of fortuitous event or force majeure. Likewise, DRIMTRACKS SAS will have the full freedom and authority to modify, adapt or change the content and functionalities, or disable the Platform, at any time, without prior notice.


DRIMTRACKS SAS may have spaces on its Platform for promotion and advertising related companies and / or third parties. DRIMTRACKS SAS will not assume any responsibility for the pre-contractual and / or contractual relationships that you may establish with the third party offering the service. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your own acts and omissions, and you agree to respect and comply with good customs, the law and the General Terms in any communication or interaction you make on the Platform.

You must be respectful, honest and ethical in your publications or interactions on the Platform. You undertake that no publication you make on the Platform affects any right of a third party and exempts DRIMTRACKS SAS from all responsibility for its actions or for the actions or publications that are made by other Users. DRIMTRACKS SAS has the power to eliminate any publication that you make, if it is considered that said publication is contrary to the General Terms, good customs or the law, or if it results in a potential impact on the rights of a third party, be it User or no. You understand and accept that any deletion that DRIMTRACKS SAS makes of its publications will not give rise to compensation or recognition of any monetary remuneration in your favor.

Additionally, when accessing the Platform, you undertake NOT TO PERFORM any of the following acts described below: 1) Violate any law or regulation of any level, be it international, national, departmental, district or local, or any judicial order, 2) Offer in assignment or license any Service or Product, without prior and express authorization from DRIMTRACKS SAS 3) Register in more than one account of the Platform with the same name or using the name of a third party without their consent or a fictitious name. DRIMTRACKS SAS will be free to delete accounts that are in breach of this obligation, without prior notice. 4) Act, interact and / or impersonate another person or entity, or falsify or misrepresent their own identity or their relationship or relationship with any person or entity. 5) Participate, carry out or promote any activity or conduct that is potentially misleading, harmful, illegal, abusive or harassing in any site or microsite of the Platform. 6) Publish abusive, obscene, pornographic, immoral, libelous, slanderous, discriminatory, false or other content that may hurt the sensitivity of another User. 7) Publish material alluding to minors, the commercialization of animals, real estate at auction, cemetery lots, mines or land in archaeological zones. 8) Publish and / or use material protected by copyright or other intellectual property standards, without the corresponding authorization of its owner, or publish any content that includes the image of a person, without the respective authorization.. 9) Engaging in any activity that interferes or interrupts the Services or the servers and networks connected to them. 10) Reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, license, distribute, commercialize, modify, adapt, translate, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, decompile, or use without authorization any track; nor violate technological security measures or reverse engineer the Platform, for any purpose, neither by itself nor through third parties, unless otherwise expressly stipulated in an independent agreement between you and DRIMTRACKS SAS. 11) Reproduce, duplicate, copy, represent, transform, modify, adapt, communicate to the public, sell, license, resell, distribute, commercialize, by any means or procedure; nor use in another website, mobile or any computer or digital environment, the content of the Platform, without the prior and express consent of DRIMTRACKS SAS, or the acquisition of a license with its corresponding payment in accordance with the provisions of the Platform 12) Use robots, spyware, malware, scripts, backdoors, devices, software or any other manual or automatic procedure in order to access, extract, compile, compile and / or analyze, directly or indirectly, with single, multiple downloads or without them, the content of the Platform, including but not limited to the tracks. 13) Delete, evade, manipulate or violate in any way or through any procedure the technological protection measures of the Platform. 14) Collect, collect or process in any way the personal data of the Users of the Platform, and any other information that is included in the Platform, either manually or through any technological means, including the use of robots, spiders or any other other device or manual or automatic process to retrieve, index or extract data and information. 15) Contact another User for illegal purposes 16) Recruit or try to motivate, incentivize or request another User to use or transfer the services provided by a company that is or is not a competitor of DRIMTRACKS SAS. 17) Harass, harass, persecute or threaten other Users of the Platform, or collect or store any personal identification information of another User, 18) Use, by itself or through an intermediary person, personal data or any other type of information found on the Platform, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, including but not limited to uses such as: distribute, reproduce, copy, transmit, issue, modify, transform, communicate to the public, make reports, create a database, sell, license, rent, send unsolicited messages or spam, and regardless of their purpose, without the prior and express authorization of part of DRIMTRACKS SAS. 19) Use any type of tool or technological device that may overload, deteriorate, disable or cause damage to the servers and technology of DRIMTRACKS SAS, or that prevents the normal use or enjoyment by Users of the Platform. 20) Use the Platform and Services for commercial and other purposes that are not explicitly authorized in these General Terms, or that have not been previously authorized through the purchase of a track license, or in a way that falsely suggests the existence of an endorsement, association or guarantee granted by DRIMTRACKS SAS, without it existing. 21) Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, swindle, or in any way violate the legal and / or fundamental rights of DRIMTRACKS SAS and of the other Users of the Platform, including copyright and other intellectual property rights and industrial. 22) Transmit, implement or cover up or make available in relation to the Platform any virus, malicious code, worm, Trojan horse, cancellation robots, packet invasion, time bomb, web bug, denial attacks false service, backdoors, spyware, packet or IP spoofing, routes or email address, or any other computer code, file or program that can or is intended to cause computer damage or hack the operation of any hardware equipment, software, or telecommunications or any other real or potentially harmful, disruptive or invasive purpose. 23) Use the Platform, its Services, Products, tracks or content for non-personal or commercial purposes, without the prior and express authorization of DRIMTRACKS SAS, or obtaining the corresponding license for this purpose. 24) Use the Platform and / or the Services, for the distribution and / or mass sending of unsolicited emails or spam, 25) Use the contents of the Platform, for purposes or effects contrary to these General Terms, the law, morality, generally accepted good customs and / or public order. 26) Promote or encourage the performance by other Users or third parties of any of the practices indicated in the previous paragraphs, or provide their support or collaboration to do them. DRIMTRACKS SAS will have the power to carry out investigations, extrajudicial and prejudicial proceedings, as well as to initiate judicial or administrative actions against the infractions or damages caused by the performance of the actions and conducts described above. Additionally, DRIMTRACKS SAS may take different measures against you, including, among others, the suspension or restriction of your access to the Platform, the elimination of its content, advertisement or publications, or the elimination of your User Account.


Your account

It is possible that, in order to have access to some of the Services or Products, including the acquisition of the licenses of the tracks, it is necessary for you to register through the creation of a User Account (hereinafter the “Account”), filling out the registration form with your exact information and personal data (hereinafter the “personal data”). The personal data that you provide to DRIMTRACKS SAS through the form or in another site or microsite of the Platform, are understood to be authorized by virtue of your acceptance of these General Terms, in favor of DRIMTRACKS SAS, so that it can carry out the treatment of personal data, for purposes of granting and tracking the license of use, for statistical, commercial and advertising purposes, as well as for any lawful purpose related to the Services or Products offered on the Platform. DRIMTRACKS SAS will have the power to request any additional document and / or data in order to verify the accuracy and veracity of personal data, as well as it may suspend or delete the Accounts of Users whose personal data could not be confirmed. You agree that if your Account is suspended or eliminated as a result of the impossibility of confirming your personal data, DRIMTRACKS SAS will not owe any amount for compensation, nor will it return any amount that has been canceled to DRIMTRACKS SAS for the use of any Service, Product or track, through the Account suspended or deleted. To create an Account, the Platform may ask you for some personal data, such as name, email, username and password, and these will be the ones you use to access your Account each time you enter the Platform. Once you have created your account, you will be known as the Registered User and will remain bound by these General Terms. It is possible that the Platform allows you to register through the link with a social network, providing the login information of the respective social network, in this case, you agree that said social network includes your precise personal data and it is not a fake account or an account that substitutes for the identity of a person other than you. If at any time your account of the linked social network is suspended or canceled, this could imply the suspension of the Services or your access to the Platform as a registered User, without implying that DRIMTRACKS SAS owes any sum for compensation or repair. Your account is personal, unique and non-transferable and it is prohibited for the same Registered User to have more than one Account. In the event that DRIMTRACKS SAS identifies that You have registered more than one Account with matching or related data, it may suspend or eliminate it without prior notice. In the event that this happens, DRIMTRACKS SAS will not owe any amount for compensation, nor will it return any amount that has been canceled to DRIMTRACKS SAS for the use of any Service, Product or track, through the Account suspended or eliminated. As a Registered User, you assume full responsibility for the custody of your password, and must adopt measures to keep it confidential, avoiding the use of it by third parties. The Registered User is solely responsible for the use that he gives to the password, for which he exempts from all responsibility and will hold DRIMTRACKS SAS harmless for inappropriate uses or violations of the password. As a Registered User, you are solely responsible for all operations and actions that you carry out on the Platform through your Account, since access to it is restricted by your email and password, which are part of your personal data.s. You agree to notify DRIMTRACKS SAS immediately and by suitable and sufficient means, of any unauthorized use of your Account, including but not limited to, access by third parties to the Account.. You will be expressly prohibited from selling, assigning, licenses or transferring your Account in any way, except with prior, particular and express authorization from DRIMTRACKS SAS. Usted será responsable de mantener actualizados los datos personales de su Cuenta, así como cualquier información que incluya o publique en la Plataforma; de tal forma que la información y datos personales a los que tenga acceso DRIMTRACKS SAS y/o que sean conocidos por otros Usuarios, coincidan con la situación actual y real de cada Usuario. However, the fact that Registered Users are obliged to provide their personal data exactly, DRIMTRACKS SAS is not responsible for the certainty or accuracy thereof, and you exonerate DRIMTRACKS SAS of any responsibility for the damages that it may cause the incongruities or inaccuracies of said personal data. DRIMTRACKS SAS reserves the right to object or deny any application for registration and registration of an Account, or to cancel a previously accepted registration, without DRIMTRACKS SAS being obliged to communicate or state the reasons for its decision and without this generating any kind compensation or right to redress in your favorr.


If you acquire any of our licenses or authorization packages for the use of tracks, you agree to pay us the applicable fees and taxes and comply with the general terms. Failure to pay these fees can lead to termination of the license. You also agree that: (1) your purchase may be subject to exchange fees or price differences depending on your location (for example, exchange rates); (2) When you buy any of our licenses or track authorization packages on the DRIMTRACKS SAS platform, we do not guarantee the refund of money, since the authorization will be understood to be granted when processing the payment; (3) We may calculate applicable taxes based on the billing information you provide us at the time of purchase, however, it is not an obligation of DRIMTRACKS SAS.

Notices, Messages and Contact

You agree that we send you notices and messages, and that we contact you in the following ways: (1) through our Platform, or (2) through the contact information you provided to us (for example, email, account Skype, telephone, among others).


DRIMTRACKS SAS may include within its Platform advertising of other companies, either through Banners, pop-ups, links and hyperlinks, among others, without these having a mandate, representation or agency with DRIMTRACKS SAS. DRIMTRACKS SAS may include within its Platform advertising of other companies, either through Banners, pop-ups, links and hyperlinks, among others, without these having a mandate, representation or agency with DRIMTRACKS SAS. You accept and acknowledge that DRIMTRACKS SAS is not responsible for, nor is it obligated to guarantee the availability of linked websites or advertised products or services. You accept sole responsibility and assume all risks arising from your use of the linked web pages or the products and services advertised. You release DRIMTRACKS SAS from all liability for any breach of legal regulations that may be incurred by third-party advertising, as well as any damage that the products or services of third parties advertised on the Platform may cause you.


DRIMTRACKS SAS reserves all intellectual property rights in its Services, Products or Tracks. You will only acquire the rights of use that are expressly granted to you according to the license or package of authorizations that you have decided to acquire or pay for certain tracks. In some cases, it will be possible for you to acquire the economic rights of some tracks, depending on the authorization package that you acquire and provided that the transfer of rights is expressly stipulated in said package. If the authorization package acquired for a track does not include the transfer of rights, under no circumstances can it be understood that there has been a transfer of rights to the track, but a mere authorization limited to the uses established in the paid authorization package.

All computer, graphic, literary, advertising, photographic, multimedia, audiovisual and design material, as well as all content, texts and databases, brands, banners, logos, names and any other distinctive signs, as well as models utility or industrial designs and other elements of industrial or intellectual property inserted, used or displayed on the Platform, are the exclusive property of DRIMTRACKS SAS and in some cases they are owned by third parties who have expressly authorized DRIMTRACKS SAS for their use or exploitation. Any act of copying, reproduction, digital storage, transformation, modification, editing, translation, creation of derivative works, sale, distribution, publication, public communication, making available, at any time and by any means, including but not limited to, is expressly prohibited. limit physical, mechanical, electronic, digital or virtual means, without the prior and express authorization of DRIMTRACKS SAS, through the acquisition and payment of the corresponding license or data package, and limited to the authorized uses in said authorization package.

In no case do these General Terms by themselves confer rights, licenses or authorizations to perform the previously prohibited acts. Any unauthorized use of the contents will constitute a violation of this agreement and the current rules on copyright and any other that may be applicable. When you insert, publish or send any information, content or personal data on the Platform or through any of our services, you declare and guarantee to DRIMTRACKS SAS that you own all rights, including intellectual property rights, over all information and content, and that it is authorized to insert, publish or send said information and content, and grants DRIMTRACKS SAS a non-exclusive, sublicensable, free, transferable, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license for use, for a maximum term of protection in each country of the world, to carry out the reproduction, public communication, making available, editing, modification, translation, digital storage, electronic storage and inclusion in databases, without any additional consent, notification or compensation for you or third parties. Likewise, DRIMTRACKS SAS is authorized to use the information provided by you for statistical and marketing purposes. Any unauthorized use will constitute a violation of these General Terms, and the current national and international regulations on Intellectual and Industrial Property, generating in favor of DRIMTRACKS SAS or the owner of the intellectual or industrial property rights the right to request compensation from the damages caused. In any case, you must hold DRIMTRACKS SAS harmless for any infringement or damage caused as a result of the violation of the Intellectual or Industrial Property of DRIMTRACKS SAS, another User or a third party.

Likewise, you agree with DRIMTRACKS SAS that we may access, store, process and use any information and personal data that you provide in accordance with the General Terms. You agree to only provide content and information that does not infringe the law or the rights of any person (including intellectual property rights). You also agree to provide true information.

Availability of services, products, tracks and / or authorization packages

We can change or withdraw any of our Services, Products, tracks and / or authorization packages. We cannot guarantee that we will store or continue to display information or content that you have submitted or shared with us.

DRIMTRACKS SAS is not a storage service. You agree that we have no obligation to store, retain or provide you with a copy of any content or information that you or others provide to us.


Each User is solely responsible for all their communications, publications, advertisements and interactions with the Platform and with other Users of the same. DRIMTRACKS SAS does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the information the Users publish or communicate on the Platform, nor the fulfillment of any agreement between the Users.os. DRIMTRACKS SAS does not guarantee the veracity, accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the publication of third-party information or content that appears on the Platform. DRIMTRACKS SAS does not assume the obligation to monitor and / or verify the information published by Users or contained in advertising. Consequently, you declare to hold harmless and exonerate DRIMTRACKS SAS from any liability for any breach, deception, fraud, infringement or damage caused by another User or by a third party that has advertising on the Platform. DRIMTRACKS SAS is not obliged to carry out background checks on Users, at a legal or commercial level, although it will retain the power to carry them out at any time. If DRIMTRACKS SAS decides to carry out a check on a User, DRIMTRACKS SAS does not guarantee in any way that such checks will identify inappropriate or illegal conduct, nor can it guarantee that Users do not engage in such conduct.. The content of the Platform is of a general nature and is for informational and reference purposes. DRIMTRACKS SAS does not guarantee the availability of full access to all content, nor its validity, accuracy, legality, suitability or usefulness. To the maximum extent permitted by law, you declare to exonerate from all liability and hold DRIMTRACKS SAS harmless for past, present and future damages that may be caused as a result of the use of the information published on the Platform. Any breach by the Users of the Platform to international, national, regional, departmental, district and local regulations, as well as good faith, the uses of commercial traffic and the General Terms, as well as the corresponding legal and patrimonial consequences, will be The sole responsibility of each User and not of DRIMTRACKS SAS. Consequently, you declare and agree to hold harmless and exonerate DRIMTRACKS SAS from all liability, damages and losses arising from its use or the use by other Users of the Platform. Its obligations to hold DRIMTRACKS SAS harmless and exempt from all liability, mentioned throughout these General Terms, include the obligation to defend DRIMTRACKS SAS, as well as all employees, contractors, officials, collaborators and subsidiaries of DRIMTRACKS SAS; and will cover, without limitation, any claims, expenses, civil or criminal liability, indemnities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees. DRIMTRACKS SAS will not be responsible under any circumstances for the compatibility of the operating system of the Platform with the operating system of the device that you use to enter the Platform and / or use its Services, nor for any damage, damage or loss, past, present or future, which may be caused to you by failures in the system, servers or network of the Platform. You also understand and accept that DRIMTRACKS SAS will not be responsible for any virus that may enter your device as a result of the use and interaction with the Platform or with other Users within it. However, DRIMTRACKS SAS will endeavor to have a computer security system that prevents the intrusion and storage of malicious software and viruses on the Platform. To the extent permitted by current laws, in particular those existing on consumer protection, DRIMTRACKS SAS is excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of availability, accessibility or continuity of the operation of the Platform and the Services; In the event that the Services are not available on the Platform, consumers will have at their disposal all the traditional channels of DRIMTRACKS SAS and may have access to our services or contact us through the email INFO@DRIMTRACKS.COM.



Any notification or communication that DRIMTRACKS SAS directs to you, including those related to modifications of these General Terms, will be understood to have been duly carried out, by any of the following options: (a) publication or update of the WWW.DRIMTRACKS.COM Portal or (b) communication addressed to the email address provided by you in the form for creating your Account.

Renuncia de derechos

The inability, delay or inapplication by DRIMTRACKS SAS of any right, power, privilege or resource, will not constitute a waiver or waiver of said right, power, privilege or resource, nor will it prevent DRIMTRACKS SAS from enforcing any or all of the provisions of these General Terms. To be effective, a resignation must be express and made in writing by a duly authorized legal representative.

Entire Agreement – Severability

These General Terms constitute the complete, exhaustive and exclusive agreement between you and DRIMTRACKS SAS. Any other agreement between you and DRIMTRACKS SAS, in addition to the licenses and / or track authorization packages that you pay for and acquire on the Platform, that exceed what is established in the General Terms, must be clearly and expressly stated in writing. These provisions invalidate and replace all previous agreements, written or oral, between DRIMTRACKS SAS and you, including previous versions of the General Terms, in relation to the Platform and the Services. The declaration of nullity, ineffectiveness and / or invalidity of one of the provisions of the General Terms, will not entail the nullity, ineffectiveness and / or invalidity of the others, which will retain full validity and effectiveness, therefore, if any party or parties of the General Terms is / are declared invalid (s) by the competent judges or courts, the other parts of it will not be affected or deleted for that reason.


You may not assign or transfer under any title your rights, obligations or other provisions contained in the General Terms. Any attempt to assign or transfer your rights, obligations or other provisions, will be ineffective by right. For its part, DRIMTRACKS SAS may assign or transfer its rights, obligations or other provisions that may affect it and are contained in these General Terms, at its sole discretion and without any restriction.

For its part, DRIMTRACKS SAS may assign or transfer its rights, obligations or other provisions that may affect it and are contained in these General Terms, at its sole discretion and without any restriction.

For its part, DRIMTRACKS SAS may assign or transfer its rights, obligations or other provisions that may affect it and are contained in these General Terms, at its sole discretion and without any restriction. However, DRIMTRACKS SAS may decide, at any time, to suspend or terminate the provision of the Services or the accessibility and operation of the Platform, without prior notice and without generating any right of repair or compensation for you.

Account cancellation and termination of services

You may terminate the Services and your use of the Platform as a Registered User, by requesting the removal of the account in the section “Contact Us”Available on the Platform or, failing that, through the email INFO@DRIMTRACKS.COM. If you cancel your account, all the Services, Products or authorization packages from which you are benefiting as a registered User will be automatically canceled, without you being entitled to any refund of money or any compensation from DRIMTRACKS SAS. You understand and accept that DRIMTRACKS SAS may cancel your Account if you have breached the General Terms, or if DRIMTRACKS SAS believes in good faith that such cancellation is reasonably necessary to protect the security or integrity of other Users, DRIMTRACKS SAS or third parties that include advertising on the Platform, or to prevent illegal, fraudulent or deceptive activities. In these events, you understand and accept that you will not be entitled to any refund of money or compensation from DRIMTRACKS SAS.


The Services contained in the Platform will have as applicable legislation and regulations the following: These General Terms, the use license that regulates the package of authorizations that you eventually acquire, as well as Colombian legislation. Any controversy derived from the General Terms, their existence, effectiveness, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance, will be submitted to the competent courts of the city of Bogotá and the procedures will be carried out in Spanish.